The GetCourageNow Team

Gary Krane, Ph.D., Cofounder & Executive Director

Gary Krane is a lifelong activist and since 1975 a social venture entrepreneur who has fought in many major battles, from the farm-workers and civil rights struggles, to the anti Vietnam war and nuclear freeze movements, as well as a field organizer and strategist on six presidential and three US Senate campaigns, and even on Alexandra Octavio Cortez’s Congressional race in Queens, NY. He’s been arrested for direct action himself numerous times, and worked seven months as a field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign in three states including Texas. He was one of the key anti-nuke documentary filmmakers of the 80s, and was the First Place Winner in the American Film Festival in 1984 and the National Film and Video Festival in 1989 with two PBS anti-nuke specials. He has been focused full-time on GetCourageNow for most of the past 3 years.

His prior startup,, begun in 2006 (he was the founding CEO) also tackled one of the biggest problems in the world, how to make committed relationships succeed, and it is finally starting to take off, though will not be making enough profit to support GetCourageNow till late 2020. CoupleWise won two International and 3 national awards as a social venture startup.

Joe Webb, Cofounder/CTO/Lead Engineer & Chief Security Architect

Joe has over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields, including architecture, development, security, and design, giving him a diverse skillset and a broad view of the needs of any project. During this time he has represented major companies such as Audi, Bauer, BP, and BG Group, where he led technical projects and helped teams achieve POC’s. He was also Chief Security Architect for ECDC, the EU counterpart to America’s CDC, and in addition to these roles has also held top programming and security role positions with various healthcare/medical software companies, where obviously privacy and security are a must. Finally, he has been the lead engineer and/or CTO for to an array of successful startups. Due to his time in the field and exposure to a variety of projects and methodologies, in addition to spending the last 5 years working specifically with golang - the latest best language for creating secure mobile friendly web-apps. Gerard brings his expertise and advisory skills to help create the most superior product technology for GetCourageNow.

Michael Brandeis, Cofounder

Michael is a senior level web-based app programmer who has been programming for more than 25 years, and is so passionate about the potential of GetCourageNow he has been willing to work as a cofounder without pay.

Rosie Hoberg, Cofounder/Research & Outreach Director/ Associate Finance Director

Rosie brings the team together with her communication skills and empathic reasoning, easily slipping into any role. Rosie’s background is in psychology research, with a specific interest and published research in the area of conservation psychology. She has experience leading and assisting various international and interdisciplinary research projects, going out of her way to ensure their success. Rosie is passionate about giving her time to projects that make a difference, and has worked full-time with only living expenses pay for several months.

Dyan Bitan, UI/UX Designer

Dyan has over 13 years of experience as a front-end web developer and is now traveling the world as a freelancer. She has worked on projects for Disney Infinity, Marvel XP, Family Guy, Pokemon, and IBM. Her current focus is to use her resourcefulness and technical skills to help others get their soul-aligned services or businesses online.

Kerre Dubinsky, Cofounder & Chief Native App Developer

Though originally an attorney, Kerre now has more than 5 years of experience as both an IOS and Android native app developer with sterling references, and is a joy to work with.

Dan Newmark, Presentation Specialist

Dan works as the presentation specialist for GetCourageNow. Newmark has over 20 years experience in presentation design.