• Article - 6 Amazing Things That Will Happen If We Flip The Senate - by Gary Krane

    Please keep in mind that if the Dems retake the Senate, as well as the House, here are six astoundingly wonderful changes that can, and very likely, if we put sufficient pressure on the Dems, will happen: ![]( Congress will be likely to pass Medicare for all, especially if enough American have GetCourageNow or an equally powerful mobilization and commitment tool to pressure the moderate and conservative Dems and moderate GOPers to do the right thing.

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  • Article - Call to Action: Canvassing - By Gary Krane

    According to the October IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, their latest study by 90 climate scientists, from 40 countries, analyzing 6000 studies we have less than 12 years to stop using fossil fuels and switch to a solar-wind-geothermal economy before a catastrophic future. Twelve years before agriculture stops working, famines become widespread, coastal cities flood, and severe multi-year droughts become so routine and devastating that mass migration destabilizes governments.

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  • GetCourageNow Midterm Volunteer Tshirt Giveaway

    Want to put the cherry on top of that oh-so-good feeling of volunteering? Why not have that cherry be a brand new T-shirt! We are happy to say that Danny over at Blue Wave Botique has offered to support our cause the best way he can by donating 50 super soft and stylish T-shirts. Head over to Blue Wave Botique’s website to check out some of the clever designs Danny has come up with.

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  • Help Autumn Zemke Win Nevada AD 40

    Download our App today. [![](]( [![](]( “Because to save democracy, nature, and get real justice, voting is not enough” [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2200.0"]![ Easily volunteer for candidates like Jacky Rosen in Nevada who need your support. ]( Easily volunteer for candidates like Jacky Rosen in Nevada who need your support. [/caption] GetCourageNow has partnered with Autumn Zemke to help take back Nevada. What is GetCourageNow? GetCourageNow is an app designed to help you: Identify important campaigns convenient to your location Let campaigns know how your skills can be helpful Get the support you need (childcare, transportation, lodging, etc.

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