The Challenge

The scientists and the most recent reports on climate change are saying that we must act NOW if we are to have any chance of saving our planet.

Unfortunately, governments and big business are going about ‘business as usual’ and leading us to a place of no return.

Major and rapid change is desperately needed, meaning that voting, a slow and often failing system, does no longer seem like a viable solution. When we cannot rely on our governments to take the necessary actions on their own, we must come together as one voice and demand them.

Currently, grassroots organisations are lacking the power to recruit, commit, support, and cleverly organise the huge numbers of volunteers needed to create momentum for change quicker than is currently happening. We are failing to meet the needs and urgency of the current environmental crisis. Organizations are calling this ‘the mother of all challenges’.

We saw this challenge and came up with a solution that nobody else has. It is called GetCourageNow. See the Why GetCourageNow page for details on how we plan to solve this ‘mother of all challenges’ by uniting the people and giving them a strong enough voice to create real change.

How does GetCourageNow actually work?