Careers is a non-profit tech startup developing a mobile-friendly, open-source, one-stop, groundbreaking volunteer recruitment app.

Our mission is to answer what most grass roots organizers often call the mother of all challenges

How can the progressive grassroots organisations of today recruit, commit, support and cleverly organise massively larger numbers of volunteers than we can right now, to do much bigger impact tasks–before it is too late to save democracy and mother nature as we know it? And conversely, how can the still untapped 3-6 million potential activists out there yearning for major change quickly find the right campaign to join, and the right role that fits their skills and preferences?

Drawing from latest research in behavioral economics and evidence based organising, GetCourageNow is based on a unique integration of four functionalities, one of which is called crowdacting (not crowdfunding). So think:

“Kickstarter and more meets movement organising.”

We’ll be open source & free to most nonprofits and expect to play a major role to enable XRebellion, Fridays for Future, Sunrise Movement, Childrens Strike for the Environment to recruit the vast numbers they need to take on the necessary resistor and striker roles in order to succeed.