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It's time for the peoples' voice to be heard. We want climate justice now and the power of the collective is waiting to harnessed. GetCourageNow is going to make it happen and will be used by many organisations and tens of millions of activists. This is big, and we want you to be a part of it. Help us lead the way to a secure future for the planet and generations to come.

Corporate Sponsorship

Platinum $350,000/yr (USD)
$300,000/yr (USD) with a 3-year commitment
Gold $150,000/yr (USD)
Gold Basic $85,000/yr (USD)
Silver $50,000/yr (USD) 1000+ employees
$25,000/yr (USD) 100-999 employees
$10,000/yr (USD) 1-99 employees

If you'd like to become a corporate sponsor please email If sponsorship is not an option for your organization please consider simply donating any amount.