According to the October IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report, their latest study by 90 climate scientists, from 40 countries, analyzing 6000 studies we have less than 12 years to stop using fossil fuels and switch to a solar-wind-geothermal economy before a catastrophic future. Twelve years before agriculture stops working, famines become widespread, coastal cities flood, and severe multi-year droughts become so routine and devastating that mass migration destabilizes governments. Other consequences predicted by other prestigious scientists include the increased occurrence of new, untreatable and devastating plagues, this time unlike the recent Ebola disaster, spreading to the Northern hemisphere. Further, as a result from the droughts and consequent water wars, international arms control experts predict inevitable widespread bio-chem wars or worse.

So for all those who say “I care but I just don’t have the time,” I invite you to do this thought experiment:


First consider the extra hours you are working to keep up with your overpriced healthcare costs, and if you have kids, your soon to incur higher education costs, certain to occur if we soon do not pass medicare for all and free or affordable college education.

When you consider these current and soon to arrive major costs, and then add onto that the much greater costs to your lives and the next generation as a result of our continued failure to address catastrophic climate change, and put this up against the fact that our best chance to avert and begin to reverse all these terrible consequences,will depend on how Americans vote Nov 6th, merely days from now,_ how can you not make the time to get involved, to do much more than just vote?!_

Also, if you continue to tell yourself you don’t have time, that you have other priorities, consider the following:

From now to Nov 6th, You will spend on average far more hours distracted by social media posts and comments, that based on social research will lead you to be more depressed than non social media users, and that will do nothing to avert the above impending disasters, nothing in fact to significantly enrich your life, nothing that will reduce your healthcare and education cost, than the 4-6 hrs one canvassing shift lasts, a shift that can in fact be fun (see below), great exercise, and a great adventure, a shift that could multiply your vote several times.

If you are the parent who takes your kids to soccer or piano practice, you’ll again spend more hours in a week than the 4-6hrs it takes to knock on 80-100 doors, and for the lack of a few hundred more people in your state willing to do just that, you’re almost guaranteeing the US Senate Democratic candidate who’s tied with the GOP candidate to lose by likely one vote per precinct (or less!)–the margin, btw, that enabled Kennedy to win in 1960, and thereby responsible in part for creating a very scary future for your soccer or piano playing kid, a planet with potential 50-70% of plant and mammal species extinct, and the wonders of nature that we older folks have had the enormous luck to experience, gone forever.

Finally, you also will have missed the opportunity to achieve the highest purpose (beyond food and shelter) of being a parent–the chance to imbue your kids with the most important of all values–to have the courage to stand up against injustice–by modeling that for them, by simply taking you kid(s) with you as you knock on doors, provide rides, provide supporter housing for activists willing to come from out of state who need free housing, etc and btw, when you knock on a stranger’s door with your kid by your side, that stranger is several times more likely to open the door and actually have a polite, even life-changing, conversation with you. And if your kid is over 7, he or she might soon want to try their hand at talking, thereby developing his poise and self confidence.

_ - by Gary Krane co-founder of GetCourageNow _

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