Please keep in mind that if the Dems retake the Senate, as well as the House, here are six astoundingly wonderful changes that can, and very likely, if we put sufficient pressure on the Dems, will happen:

  1. Congress will be likely to pass Medicare for all, especially if enough American have GetCourageNow or an equally powerful mobilization and commitment tool to pressure the moderate and conservative Dems and moderate GOPers to do the right thing.

  2. Congress, again given enough pressure on moderate and conservative Dems and moderate GOPers, will be able to make significant cuts in our bloated $700B+ military budget and use those funds for a Green Marshall Plan (Green New Deal) to massively accelerate our transformation to an 80- 100% renewable energy economy in the next 10-15 years, and in the process, create 10M well paying jobs.

  3. Congress will be able to restore the powers and enforcement capabilities of the EPA to stop the ravaging of our public lands, rivers, aquifers and lakes, the rapid destruction of species, and the fossil fuel industry’s rapid destruction of any livable future for humanity past 2040.

  4. Congress will by Begin to significantly reduce our grotesque criminal levels of wealth inequality and wealh addiction by passing much higher tax rates on the rich, closing huge loopholes for the rich, and by using this new revenue to significantly improve our early childhood, elementary and secondary public education system, significantly reduce the cost of higher education, and provide real affordable housing, thereby increasing social mobility.

  5. Establish a trifecta necessary to implement the nuclear codes that would initiate a nuclear war, ending the ability of one man, Donald Trump from doing so

  6. And LAST but not Least, the Senate will be at worst only 3 votes away from what they will need in the Senate to Impeach Trump, and very likely less than that, because the “3 votes” figure was based on a Newsweek story a year ago, when 12 GOP Senators were identified as willing to seriously consider impeaching Trump. Given all that has since been uncovered and likely to soon be exposed by the Mueller investigation, that number might now be 16 Republican Senators, the number the Dems would need to have the 23 majority to convict.

For all this to happen, in the neck and neck US Senate race states, it’s not enough to vote. Download the free GetCourageNow app from to make it easier than ever to do much more than just vote, even if you feel too busy.

Download the free GetCourageNow app to find local volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule and your priorities. It’s availible on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.